To submit a service request for trash pickup, green space maintenance, or similar issues, please scroll down to the form below. For all requests, make sure to first submit a request to 311 as certain organizations require a 311 notice before they can begin work. If you are submitting a request for the Auchentoroly-Parkwood, Robert W. Coleman, Whittier-Monroe, or Fulton Heights neighborhoods, we will forward your request to Clean Corps. Clean Corps is a new program from the Department of Public Works that hires local Baltimore City residents to assist in cleaning and maintaining their neighborhoods. For Panway, Parkway, and Liberty Square, where Clean Corps is not currently operating, we will forward your request to our other partners in Baltimore City

Please Submit a 311 Request before you fill out this form and save the service request number. You can call or text 311, use the BaltimoreCity311 app on your smartphone, or go to Baltimore 311 Home ( City services can only respond to certain issues submitted by residents if there is first a 311 Service Request.