Greater Mondawmin Coordinating Council

The Greater Mondawmin Coordinating Council, Inc. (GMCC) was incorporated in 1976 by local residents to create an umbrella organization representing the community associations and block clubs clustered around the Mondawmin Mall.  Reincorporated in 2000, the GMCC now represents eight active, affiliated neighborhood organizations.

GMCC Presidents

  • Adeline Hutchinson (2019 – present)
  • Jacqueline Caldwell (Sept. 2012-2018)
  • Rev. Dr. Franklin Lance (2010-Aug. 2012)
  • Earl Arnett (2008-09)
  • Sandra Almond-Cooper (2006-07)
  • Nathaniel Freeman (2004-05)
  • Pearl Moulton (2002-03)
  • Earl Arnett (2002)
  • Nathaniel DeVoe (2000-01)
  • Ralph Hughes (1981-1999)
  • Rev. Olin P. Moyd (1979-80)
  • George Jude (1976-78)

Community Associations

Fulton Heights Community Association

The Fulton Heights Community Association (FHCA) began in the late 1940s, then, reorganized in September 1978.  In 2012, Rev. Keith Bailey was elected president succeeding Henry Kenney who served for 10 years. Since assuming the mantle, Rev. Bailey organized a successful block party to increased volunteer participation, thwarted the addition of an after-hour club, and foremost continues to voice concern about violence.

Liberty Square Community Association

The Liberty Square Community Association (LSCO) was organized in July 2001.  Although the Association is not as old as many of the affiliates, there are just as many notable landmarks on Liberty Heights Avenue: Mondawmin Mall, Bon Secours Liberty Village Senior Living Center and BCCC.  Provident Hospital and UMI (Urban Medical Institute) is now the location of an extended BCCC West. Selwyn Shields is the current president.

Mondawmin Neighborhood Improvement Association

Mondawmin Neighborhood Improvement Association (MNIA) was founded around 1954, by the late Verda Welcome, Maryland’s first African-American female state senator. The Mall was under construction that year, and the new association took its name from this key landmark. MNIA is now the oldest, continuously operating association in Greater Mondawmin whose president is Sandra Almond-Cooper.

New Auchentoroly Terrace Association

The New Auchentoroly Terrace Association (ATA) traces its roots to the mid-1980 when Nick Lee, who owned a house on Auchentoroly, wanted to talk about the development of Section 8 housing in renovated apartment buildings along the terrace.  By 1999, Barbara Anderson-Dandy assumed the mantle of acting president to organize cleanups and deal with City agencies and has served 16 years as president of ATA.

Panway Neighborhood Improvement Association

The Panway Neighborhood Improvement Association (PNIA) was formed in 1981 from the union of three block clubs on Braddish Avenue, Ashburton Street and Koko Lane.  The group named itself “Panway” after the person (or company) that built the houses on those streets. Former State Delegate and Senator Ralph Hughes resides within its boundaries.  Wanda Freeland is the current president.

Parkway Community Association

The Parkway Community Association (PCA) was formed in April 2001, from an area that had formerly housed block clubs on Burleith and Leighton Avenues and Tioga Parkway.  It now represents a well-defined neighborhood on the east of Tioga Parkway, which forms the western boundary of Mondawmin Mall. Gregory Jenkins is president, who succeeded longtime president Connie Smith.

Robert W. Coleman Community Organization

The Robert W. Coleman Community Organization (RWCCO) was organized in 1981 under the name of Windsor Avenue, Walbrook Avenue, Bentalou Street, and Ruxton Avenue (WWBNR) Community Organization.  In May 1993, the organization was renamed for former resident Robert W. Coleman. It continues to promote the general welfare and betterment of the community through active citizen participation under the leadership of its president Adeline Hutchinson.

Whittier-Monroe Community Neighborhood Association

The Whittier-Monroe Community Neighborhood Association (WMCNA) was formed in 1981.  Through the years has maintained a mission to create and maintain a clean, safe and healthy community for all residents by actively working  together. WMCNA rallied with the New Shiloh Baptist Church in assisting with the cleanup of a vacant lot for the construction of the New Shiloh Senior Village, where the organization now meets monthly.  Jacqueline Caldwell is currently president. William Brewer succeeded longtime president Pat Briscoe.

Woodbrook Avenue Neighborhood Association

Currently considering reorganizing: The Woodbrook Avenue Neighborhood Association (WANA) was founded in the late 1970s by the late Henrietta Mosley and Hetti Pompey.  Mrs. Mosley was responsible for the Chase-Mosley Act, a pioneering piece of Maryland Legislation that prevents the City from confiscating property if the owner is unable to pay for alley repairs.  Stan Mosby was president.