Greater Mondawmin Coordinating Council, Inc


As a nation, we are caught up with so many emotions.  The Greater Mondawmin Coordinating Council is committed to serving the residents and organizations in our boundaries.  We are grateful for new partnerships and opportunities.  As a community, we are very thankful to God for giving us the stamina to keep advocating and fighting the good fight to keep our neighborhoods safe, clean and prosperous.

In 2017, The Porch Project will begin on Gwynns Falls Parkway - lifting up the houses on the gateway to our community.  We are creating alliances with the incoming Baltimore City administration to ensure that our community is seated at the table and not on the menu.  

Our gratitude is extended to all who have faith in us and support our mission.  Remember that we are a victorious people - and we must not lose sight of who is in control.


Jacqueline I. Caldwell


Greater Mondawmin Coordinating Council

Madame President Jacqueline Caldwell