Greater Mondawmin Coordinating Council, Inc


1. Administrative Support

GMCC provides resources and administrative support to our nine neighborhood associations by disseminating information regarding programs, services, grants, events, legislation and opportunities vital to our community. Additionally, we provide office space, an office coordinator, office equipment, and grant writing assistance to our affiliates.

2. Program Organization

GMCC organizes educational, artistic, recreational, and greening projects by collaborating with schools, parents, and community volunteers to :

  • Create and maintain community gardens at Westside, Gwynns Falls, and Robert W. Coleman Elementary Schools
  • Administer tree plantings & conduct vacant lot clean ups (such as, “Quiet Park” a once vacant lot, transformed into a mural and garden)
  • Organize workshops, information sessions, and free computer classes 
  • Produce a monthly Song & Story Hour including free book give-a-ways
  • Conduct annual fundraisers and quarterly board meetings
  • Coordinate Healthy Neighborhoods Block Grant Projects and process Healthy Neighborhoods loan products
  • Complete streetscape beautification projects (such as the Parkway Community's collaboration with visionary artist Loring Cornish)

3. Community Marketing

GMCC markets the Greater Mondawmin Community by creating and disseminating marketing collateral during neighborhood, community, and city-wide festivals and events, such as the Druid Hill Park Farmer's Market, Live Baltimore Homebuying Fairs, and Mondawmin Mall Events. GMCC also publishes and distributes a monthly  newsletter, collaborates with Mondawmin area real estate agents to market the community's assets and assists potential homeowners apply for loans to purchase and/or renovate homes in Greater Mondawmin.

Our Services