Greater Mondawmin Coordinating Council, Inc


Baltimore's "Healthy Neighborhoods"

​​1. Belair-Edison

2. Coldstream Homestead Monteblo

3. Coppin Heights and Brideview/Greenlawn

4. Cylburn and Levindale

5. Edmondson Village

6. Greater Homewood

7. Garwyn Oaks, Hanlon and Howard Park

8. Glen/CHAI

9. Greater Mondawmin

10. Hamilton-Lauraville

11. Highlandtown, Greektown and Bayview

12. Midtown

13. Patterson Park

14. Reservoir Hill


Healthy Neighborhoods is a partnership of banks, foundations, government and community organizations. We help strong but undervalued neighborhoods increase home values, market their communities, create high standards for property improvement and build strong connections among neighbors!

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click on this link to the Healthy Neighborhoods website.

What We Bring To Neighborhoods

  • Below market rate loans for acquisition/rehab, refinance/rehab and home improvements improvements of owner-occupied houses.
  • Grants to match fund home improvements
  • Grants, training and expertise to support neighborhood marketing
  • Federal, state and local funds to support housing development
  • Partnerships with university related community development at​​​​ Coppin University, Morgan State University and Johns Hopkins University.
  • CDFI Status
  • Support for communities active in the schools design process
  • Grants to support community improvements development within one mile of Pimlico Racetrack
  • ​Loans to make energy saving improvements on commercial and nonprofit owned buildings
  • Grants to make energy saving improvements on nonprofit owned buildings

Let's Live In a Healthy Neighborhood!

    Healthy Neighborhoods